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Most beautiful, undiscovered part of Norway? Egersund and surroundings in southwestern Norway. The wooden town of Egersund is surrounded by phenomenal moon landscapes in the UNESCO-recognized Magma Geopark, beautiful lakes, Eigerøy island and numerous hiking and cycling routes. It is therefore no surprise that Egersund and Rogaland were the setting for “Wie is de Mol” in 2018.Undiscovered Norway Egersund

Eigeroy island Norway

Eigerøy part of Magma Geopark

Where is Egersund?

Egersund is located on the southwest coast of Norway, in the province of Rogaland. Right on the North Sea, about 75 kilometers south of Stavanger. The town is easily accessible by train or car from different parts of the country. How to travel Norway by car? Moreover, this is a great base for exploring the southern coast of Norway.

From Kristiansand the idyllic train ride to Egersund takes you past countless lakes, sleepy villages and through tunnels. An hour and a half train ride later you can be in Egersund in no time. With its cobbled streets and wooden houses, the beautiful town resembles an oversized open-air museum. In the past, life in Egersund revolved around herring fishing, but now the city and surrounding area is ‘catch of the day’. 

The area is ideal for cycling on, for example, the old railway line. It is also good for hiking and kayaking. For outdoor activities and with children, this is an ideal place to stay for a few days.

Cycling Southern Norway

Cycling Egersund

Highlight Magma Geopark

What to see and do in Egersund? The nearby area of ​​Egersund is a surprise of wonderful nature! Such as the UNESCO-worthy Magma Geopark. This includes the five municipalities of Eigersund, Sokndal (with rock houses), Flekkefjord, Lund and Bjerkreim. Truly a hiking paradise.

The Geopark was formed from molten rock around 930 million years ago. Large amounts of magma crystallized into anorthosite. This type of stone is mainly found on the moon. The rock is not breathable, but rock hard and creates a moon-like landscape with hills. For the general public, the Magma Park is an undiscovered pearl on the coast of Norway. Epic walking routes have been plotted here.

Magma Geopark Norway

Magma Geropark

Special Phenomenon Trollpicking

Another unmissable highlight in the Magma Geopark ? A walk to Trollpikken! In the troll-worthy UNESCO Magma Geopark it feels like you can walk on the moon… without a moon suit. There are many signposted hikes in the park, but the walk to Trollpikken or the ‘Troll Penis’ is a real showstopper.

This hilarious rock in the shape of a phallus is partly a creation of meltwater. A few years ago the 10,000 year old penis was chopped off. According to the perpetrator, ’this would attract too many visitors in the future’, says our guide Ulf.

Fortunately, the iconic rock could still be saved. Thanks to crowdfunding, Trollpikken can be admired in all its glory again. Ironically, the destruction has backfired. Thanks to all the publicity, Trollpikken attracts even more attention than ever. Who knows, maybe this will be as big a hit as Preikestolen in Lysefjord. 

Magma Geopark Egersund

Right Trollpiken

Eigerøy Island and Lighthouse

Sight not to be missed? Part of the Magma Geopark is the fairytale island of Eigerøy and its proud fyra from 1854. A short walk through the dunes leads to Norway’s first iron lighthouse. The lighthouse remained inhabited until 1989, although the last lighthouse keeper received a nice blow from the windmill. . From the Eigerøy fyra you have a spectacular view of the North Sea and coastline with red houses.

Eiegerøy Island Southwest Norway

It is striking that most homes on Eigerøy are equipped with a boathouse. The tides are small here, resulting in a minimal difference between high and low tide. Eigerøy acts as a natural breakwater, protecting the mainland from the rough North Sea.

‘The name ‘Egersund’ refers to the word ‘Eikundarsund’, which stands for the sound between the island of Eigerøy and the mainland. The location was therefore ideal for fishing, shipping and therefore for building boathouses,’ Ulf explains. Also fun: Take a boat trip to the Eigerøy lighthouse and visit this icon of the island.

  • Tip: more beautiful lighthouses along the North Sea road on the coast of Southern Norway? Lindesnes lighthouse on the southernmost tip of Norway. Or Ryvingen lighthouse in the Lindesnes archipelago. Hatholmen lighthouse near Sjøsanden.Lighthouse Norway Eigerøy island

Best hotels Egersund?

Who, like us, wants to stay in Nordic style? Grand Hotel Egersund is exactly what you need. Because in the heart of the city, equipped with all the comfort and with the flair of a Swiss wooden chalet. The breakfast is fantastic and there are several rooms. Tip: from the hotel you can hop on an e-bike on the former Jaerbanen railway line towards Hellvik. A beautiful ride along the water and through forests.

Grand hotel Egersund

Grand hotel Egersund

  • Would you rather camp? Hauen camping on Egersund is small but nice. The NAF Steinsnes campsite is also a favorite among families.

Where to eat in Egersund?

There are plenty of (fish) restaurants in Egersund. Good and not too expensive food is available in Eiger Street. A cozy little restaurant with terrace. Handy: vegetarian and vegan options and gluten-free. Moreover, nice and fast service. Also ideal with children. Although the pizzeria with kids is also a great option. Little India is also fun to try and not too pricey Indian food. Cup of coffee? Café Vintage: coffee bar in a historic building in the city center. Here you can drink delicious coffee with a pastry in a relaxed atmosphere.


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