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Waar lekker eten, drinken in Basel? 10 X Bazel’s beste

What are the specialties of Basel Switzerland? And where can you taste these? What are actually the best restaurants in Basel? Where should you go for the best cup of coffee? Or cool rooftop bars? And what about vegetarian and vegan food in Basel? An answer to these questions plus accompanying much-needed tips can be found in this article.

The flavors of Basel. This large city in Switzerland is located on the border of Germany and Italy. In Basel, both borders and flavors merge. You can taste Italian, Swiss, French and German influences nonstop in the Basel melting pot. And that makes this Swiss cuisine so diverse.

What, where to eat in Basel?

Start the day with a perfect Italian espresso and French croissant or Swiss bircher muesli in one of the many coffees. At noon, have an extensive lunch in the Altstadt, followed by a cup of tea and kuchen in Klein Basel. Is five already in the clock? Time for an Aperol on the terrace with sunset. And as soon as the sun has set in the Rhine, it is time for dinner for two.

Holiday life in Basel is also good in the culinary field. Reisachtig has already selected the 10, or actually 14, best addresses for you. From simple snack to star cutting. But first let me start with the key question. In other words, some of the most frequently asked questions about a holiday in Switzerland…

‘Is a holiday in Switzerland expensive? How much does it cost to eat out? How much does a beer cost?’ Er 4 euros. Eating out can be surprisingly affordable. A main course in a good restaurant costs around 33 euros, a starter 15 euros and neither does dessert. But this can also be done much cheaper. The prices of a beer, wine or coffee on the terrace are comparable to the Netherlands. Because Switzerland has a rich wine tradition, you can drink a delicious glass of wine for the same price in Switzerland.

What is BaSel’s specialty?

Because Basel is a potpourri of flavors and cuisines, there is no such thing as 1 local dish. There is a local specialty. Namely Leckerly. This hard cookie with the flavors of gingerbread originated in the 17th century. The oldest biscuit factory in Switzerland is Jacob’s Basler Leckerly. This store in the center is still operational, so drop by for a bag of tasty Leckerly. Nice as a souvenir for home.

Leckerli Basel

Left Leckerli, photo right Unternehmen Mitte

Best food in Basel

Cantina on the right, dishes Ufer 7 on the left

Cantina Don Camillo

Eating in a former brewery but with a modern twist? Restaurant Cantina don Camillo is a paradise for design, architecture lovers and beer fans. But it’s certainly not just about looks here. Content in the form of delicious food is the main drive of this local favorite.

Moreover, I can highly recommend the vegetarian and vegan menu. Add a local beer and what more could you want? In the summer it is of course a beautiful terrace. Then you have also come to the right place in Basel. As far as I’m concerned, a nice restaurant for everyone, whether you eat meat or fish or not.

Markthalle Basel

The restored Markthalle is beautiful just a stone’s throw from the station. The Markthal is a street food concept. So plenty of stalls and bars with cuisines from all over the world. There is also a bar with specialty beer. Whether you want Swiss fondue, sushi, Peruvian food or something else? The Markthalle Base l is a jack of all trades. Cozy and reasonable prices. This is a great choice, especially with children, or if you are passing through by train.

Klara street food

Markthal Klara on Clarastrasse in the Clara district. Upon arrival, the concept is immediately clear as day. Street food from world cuisines. This is a kind of Markthalle, but decorated a bit more colorfully. Get a snack at various stalls, or a full meal if desired, and put together your own food tour. Reasonable prices, and gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian dishes are widely available. Also fun with kids.

Dining on the Rhine

Do you love dining with a beautiful view? Then Krafft aan de Rijn is a nice address. Especially on a nice holiday day, you’ll be completely warmed up here on the terrace. You can enjoy it here all day long, but this is especially a nice place in Basel at sunset. The desserts are real craftsmanship, but the vegetarian main courses (in my case pointed cabbage from the BBQ) are also clever and tasty. Due to its popular location, this restaurant is not the most economical option. But quite nice.

Lunch on the Rhine

Restaurant Ufer 7 on the banks of the Rhine overlooks Mittlere Brücke. That means a nice lunch with a view that you can admire. This is a nice place all year round, but in the summer Ufer 7 is a party. The cuisine is International, Swiss. Create your own lunch of small dishes or choose a la carte. Dishes are tasty and original. This is a popular spot among locals and businessmen. Obviously not the most affordable spot, but very nice.

Eating, drinking at a Buvette

Not only chic restaurants can be found on the banks of the Rhine. In spring, summer and autumn you can have breakfast, drink coffee, lunch and a snack all day long at all kinds of Buvettes. This is sometimes nothing more than a shack or small beach bar with homemade iced tea, snacks, drinks and more. This way, after swimming in the Rhine, you can walk straight onto the terrace.

Also nice: at Oetlinger Buvette aan de Rijn there is also a public barbecue. And there are more public BBQs in Basel. So bring your own stuff and grill them. Eating and drinking at a Buvette is one of the best things to do in Basel. For next to nothing you can join the locals.

Buvette Basel


Buvette Basel

Snacks at the Buvette

Breeding ground Basel, ‘Holzpark Kleybeck’ is located right on the banks of the Rhine in the Klybeck and Matthäus districts. A mixed bag of art objects, ships, vans converted into cafes and a music venue. A bit like the Parade meets Amsterdam North, but different.

In the summer you can have endless drinks, party here and even get a new haircut. A cool underground place, with a creative vibe. Ideal to watch the sun set on the Rhine and enjoy a delicious meal. Closed in winter.

Rostiger Anker

A cup of coffee, lunch or dinner at the Three-Country Point of Basel? Restaurant ‘Rostiger Anker’ is what you call a hidden gem. The small restaurant is nestled between a rock and a hard place. Because right on the quay, with a view of cargo ships. Unlike its neighbor Holzpark, this is not a hip place, but an anchor in the old harbor. This beacon of tranquility is open at all times of the year. The Drielandenpunt itself is exactly what you expect: nothing special.

Rooftop bars in Basel

Drinks with a view over the Rhine and the city center? You can go on the roof… at rooftop bar Amber. Built in the former barracks is an attractive cocktail bar. The eclectic interior with flair from the 1940s was designed by the Swiss design agency Craft.

The menu features mocktails and cocktails. A surprise awaits on the top floor in the summer in the form of a roof terrace. With a breath of wind and an ice-cold drink and snack, Swiss life can no longer go wrong here. Local tip: Arthouse rooftop bar. View over the roof of Basel, delicious cocktails and good food.

Rooftop bars Basel


Best breakfast, lunch Basel

At KULT bakery (two locations) you not only eat the most delicious Golden Almond cake, but you are also in golden hands when it comes to a fresh breakfast and lunch. You can do this in the delicious bakery, or in the garden in the summer. Oven-fresh sourdough bread, pastries, hausgemachte limo (slightly less) and croissants prepared with local ingredients. You can also visit this address during a Basel Food Tour, but KULT actually deserves a place in your lunch or breakfast diary.

Lunch Basel


Hotspot and coffee

Unternehmen Mitte. This cool cafe is located in the former Schweizerische Volksbank. For some time now, this has been the place where Bazel meets or works remotely. The architecture is beautiful with furniture from the local Vitra design store. This is one of the best coffee bars in Basel. But you have also come to the right place for a gluten-free or vegan lunch. This hotspot is highly recommended, especially in the winter months.

Affordable and unique

Il Giardino Urbano or the city garden. This is a local favorite, and not overly overrun by tourists. This hidden ‘city garden’ is located behind an old railway building. Right on the track you can eat pizzas among the bushes, flowers and herbs. With the sun on your head and a cold drink in your hand. The view of the Swiss railway line is very nice. And the food in this secret garden is also very affordable. 

Vegan food Basel

  • I previously recommended SILO in my article Basel with children . Unbeatably good and off the beaten track in Basel Ost.
  • Za zaa: inspired by Arabic cuisine. Very popular, because during my visit the hut was packed and there was no room. So make a reservation in advance during the high season.
  • Tibits. There are several branches. The formula is simple: pay per weight and eat your fill. Excellent, affordable vegetarian and vegan food based on the recipes of the Swiss vegetarian hit chef Hiltl.

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