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Vakantie Salento Puglia Italië: stranden, zon, zee en strand

A holiday in Salento Puglia? Hop from city to beach!

A clear blue sky, sun all day long, a crystal clear sea, charming beaches with a cooling breeze? Off to Salento in Puglia! This temperamental Italian beauty has been kissed by the sun and touched by the wind. Or as the Italians themselves say: ‘U Salentu: lu sule, lu mare, lu entu’. With over 250km of rocky coastline brimming with caves and lagoons, as well as picturesque towns, this is the southern Italy holiday destination for sunbathers, culture and nature lovers.Salento most beautiful region of Puglia

Faraglioni di Torre Sant’Andrea

Where is Salento in Southern Italy?

Roughly speaking, Salento covers the heel of the Italian boot. Including the province and city of the same name, Brindisi, province and city of Lecce and city/province of Taranto on the east side. The east coast is mainly rocky, while the west coast has some more sandy beaches. Wine lover? That’s a good thing, because this originally Greek region is bursting with vineyards and numerous architectural feats of the Greeks and Romans.

The most beautiful part of Puglia?

Those are the Itria valley and Salento. Both regions flow seamlessly into each other, but each has its own face. The Valle D’ Itria is the olive producer of southern Italy. That means: endless olive trees with white villages, trullis, ancient Roman and Greek cities and beautiful masserias. For those who want to experience the best of Puglia during a holiday or tour? Include these two regions in your itinerary and you’ll be set on all fronts.

What to see and do in Salento Puglia?

Sightseeing, trips from town to beach are the most popular activities during a holiday in Salento. Visit the city of Lecce: everything is within walking distance! The combination of some imposing churches, beautiful squares, Roman amphitheatres and numerous eateries within walking distance makes the old center of Lecce attractive. What Florence is to the Renaissance period, Lecce is to the Baroque. But on a small scale, because the number of museums and monuments in Lecce is many times smaller. The Santa Croce is the most beautiful monument of the city. Allow at least 3 hours for a tour of the city. Parking on the outskirts of Lecce is free.

Baia di Porto Miggiano: Blue Lagoon of Salento

A car holiday in Puglia is of course fun, but sometimes you miss your goal in all haste – literally. I completely missed Baia di Porto Miggiano myself. Please note: this blue lagoon is barely visible from the coastal road. No less than 100 steps, carved into the rock of the cliff, lead to this beautiful Blue Lagoon. So you have to do something for it. In the high season it is difficult to lay a towel here, that is to say: every cm is used. Parking spaces are scarce, so getting your act together early pays off. Tip: rent a boat and moor at the bay and nearby caves. Saves a lot of hassle and hassle.

For those who want to experience the best of Puglia during a holiday or tour? Include these two regions in your itinerary and you’ll be set on all fronts.

Grotta Romanelli and Grotta Zinzulusa

The east coast of Salento in Puglia is rocky. And who says rock? says cave! There are also a number of cool grottas and bays in the region. Mostly accessible from the sea, but landlubbers are also welcome in these karst caves with stalagmites. The Grotta Romanelli with ancient wall paintings and Grotta Zunzula are a short distance from each other. Tip: book a boat tour from Marina di Castro and skim some caves in one go.

Grotta Zinulusa is open to the public. A short guided tour costs 7 euros, but it is also possible to swim (for free) to the bay of the cave. Rates adjacent swimming pool: also 7 euros. In summer, the cave with small lake is a cool place in several ways. Tip: high season? Visit the cave at the end of the day to avoid a one-hour wait.Grotta Zinsulus

Piscina naturale Marina Serra: natural infinity pool

Marina Serra is the name of the seaside resort in the municipality of Tricase. The name and claim to fame of this region are its spectacular natural pools. Piscina naturale Marina Serra originated from the corrosion of rocks by the sea. Over time, this place has grown into a natural infinity pool. This natural wonder in the sea is, in my opinion, one of the most special places in Salento. And not to be missed during a holiday in Puglia.

The blue pool, surrounded by rocks, beckons like a mermaid. Although I don’t let the blue water tempt me, but I stay like a goat on the oat chest to watch this Jan Steen by the sea scene. It is good to relax on top of the cheese-like cliffs. During my visit, a grandmother is doing some gym exercises by the water. Kids float around in the water and a group of youngsters stunts with a ghetto blaster, while a group of grandfathers enjoy themselves with a kind of Kub game.

Cheerful unintelligible Italian reflected off the rocks. The beach bar is doing good business with this nice weather, and so are the parking attendants. Because double parking is also not desired here in Italy. By the way: parking is free, but there are not many places. So I keep repeating myself: come early and hit your parking.Piscina naturale Puglia

Santa Maria di Leuca: southernmost point of Puglia

From the Piscina Naturale you can easily go to the seaside resort of Santa Maria di Leuca. An eclectic harbor town with plenty of accommodation and abandoned seaside villas. Many real estate agents can adore these sizeable fixers. What to do in Santa Maria di Leuca? Highlights include a boat tour of the Grotta del Sofi and more caves. Because Maria di Leuca is located at the very tip of the Salento peninsula, this place is also called “the end of the country”.

The tourist town with nearby lighthouse is not a must, but a nice intermezzo during your tour of Puglia. The best thing about Santa Maria di Leuca are -as far as I’m concerned-the Bagnarola’s by the sea. Today many villas have a swimming pool, but in the Belle Epoque the elite took a bath in the sea from a bagnarola. Because undisturbed. Two more of these beautiful bathhouses can be admired on the pebble beach. Tip: fancy Italian ice cream? Martinucci! The taste Galipolli is especially recommended.

Santa Maria di Leuca

Bagnerola from 800

Lido Maldive di Salento: sandy beach of Salento

Many Puglian love the sandy Lido Maldive beach and the adjacent beach Spiaggia di Pescoluse. Seen from this perspective, this is completely understandable because sandy beaches are scarce. In the Lido there are nice beach bars by the sea, and the view is ok. With a cocktail in hand, you imagine yourself here with a lot of imagination in the Maldives. Although the sand is far from snow white, and the sea is less blue. In addition, you can lie here in the summer. But for those who want to feel the sand with their bare feet? Beach my guest! Parking: 5 euros, beach chairs and umbrella 30–50 euros for two.

Beach Salento Maldives

Lido Maldives

Gallipoli: beautiful city

Gallipoli sounds a bit like the game Halli Galli, but apart from the playful name it is really something else. The city was founded by the Greeks. The original name Kallipolli means: beautiful city. And that still rings true. To see and do in Gallipoli? The Fontana Greca fountain (next to the city castle) is a nice reminder of this distant past. The old town is built on a peninsula: accessible via the 17th century bridge. Upon entering, a grand entrance awaits in the form of the Gallipoli Castle (14th century) and city wall.

Over time Gallipoli grew from a defensive to a trading city. Today, tourism is the largest economic engine. The Baroque cathedral dedicated to St. Agatha is a beautiful feat. But the old, higher part of the city is cool anyway. With its white square houses, the city has a nice Greek feel and you are immediately in holiday mode. Next to charming streets, the sandy beach is overlooking the Ionian sea. The boulevard with many bars and restaurants overlooks the city beach and the sea. So what you should definitely do is grab a terrace and enjoy.Gallipoli Puglia

Galipoli Puglia

Fontana Greca Gallipoli

Santa Maria di Bagno: great base

Gallipoli, en Santa Maria di Leuca worden veelal getipt als uitvalsbasis in Salento Puglia. Maar uit ervaring kan ik volmondig zeggen dat Santa Maria di Bagno een geduchte concurrent is. Dit badplaatsje is klein maar fijn. Met een stadsstrand, gezellige promenade en mooie 19e eeuwse architectuur is Santa Maria di Bagno de miss Italia onder de badplaatsen.

Bovendien is het langs de boulevard goed fietsen, en daarbij kun je in restaurant Pergola uitstekend pizza eten. Weliswaar niet met uitzicht op zee: want pizza eten kan alleen in de binnentuin. Maar dit is precies de plek waar de locals ook zitten. Dus voor fruits de mer heb je uitzicht aan zee, maar voor de helft van de prijs eet je een lekkere pizza met uitstekende wijn.

Where to stay in Santa Maria di Bagno? I stayed at the CDS hotels Grand Riviera . Good rooms, swimming pool, plus beach with sun loungers by the sea.

Santa Maria di Bagno

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