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Legoland Denemarken| Zien en doen met de hele familie

What to do in Legoland Billund Denmark with children and teenagers? Legoland Denmark is one of Europe’s most popular theme parks and offers a great experience for all ages. Located in Billund, Denmark, the park was founded in 1968 and has since become one of the most iconic parks in the world. I have already selected the best attractions in Legoland Denmark and some tips for your visit.

Best attractions for kids

For younger children, Legoland Denmark offers numerous attractions, including Duplo Land, Polar Land and Pirate Land. Duplo Land is ideal for toddlers and preschoolers. The Duplo Train, Planes and Airport score highly with toddlers. In Polar Land, kids enjoy an exciting boat ride past polar bears, while Pirate Land offers a wealth of pirate adventures, including the pirate boat and the pirate coaster.

Best Attractions for Teens

Legoland Denmark is also great for teenagers, although this is not ideal for thrill seekers. Still, there are some exciting roller coasters and thrill rides. The most popular attractions for teenagers include the X-treme Racers, the Ghost – The Haunted House and the Polar

Who didn’t grow up with Lego? As a child I spent many rainy Sundays with these little blocks. Daughters Pip and Juup also never tire of playing with these beautiful toys. Legoland is therefore the ideal excuse for young and old people to go to Legoland Billund for a day or weekend. This theme park is largely built from Lego bricks. It is bursting with artistic buildings and Lego objects. Extremely spectacular!

Different themes

With no fewer than 9 different theme areas, no one will be bored here for a second. Legoland is especially fun for families with (young) children. Most attractions are suitable for the age group 0-11. Less suitable for adventurers. There are lots of great water rides, shows, roller coasters, games and lots of Lego play objects. Pip & Juup: ‘Legoland gets a big 9 from us! Want to know why? I’d love to take you on a mini-trip through Legoland. Including practical tips and heavenly hotel.Legoland Denmark

9 Different countries of Lego

Legoland Billund consists of 9 different ‘countries’ (themes). Namely: Duplo land, Adventure Land, Lego City, Knights kingdom, Mini land, Pirate land, Polar land, Imagination zone and Legoredo Town. The heart of Legoland is ‘Mini Land’. An impressive land of Lego blocks.

Mini Land is net Madurodam, maar dan gemaakt van Lego. Absoluut onze favoriet in Legoland. In mini-land zijn verschillende Europese steden nagebouwd als miniatuur land. Alleen al in Mini-land zijn meer dan 20 milj. Legosteentjes verwerkt. Alle bouwwerken zijn tot in de puntjes en van top tot teen nagebouwd. Compleet met werkende voertuigen en bewegende elementen. Uiteraard zijn er ook veel attracties in Mini Land te vinden. Onze kabouters vonden de ‘Lego Safari’ het leukste.
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Voor de allerkleinste kinderen is ‘Duplo land’ je van het. Dit is een speelstad oftewel een speeltuin met de looks van een stad middenin Legoland. Dreumesen kunnen los op de glijbaan, spelen met Duplo bricks, klimmen en klauteren. Er zijn ook kleine attracties van Duplo. Zoals een Duplo trein. Cool voor kleintjes.

Pirate Land

Pirateneiland is ideaal voor de kleine kapitein, grote piraten en oude zeeschuimers. Er zijn diverse attracties in en op het water. Ideaal in de zomer. Zoals het piratenschip en schommelbootjes en -jawel – ‘Petes spookhuis’ te vinden.

Pip: “Dit spookhuis is gruwelijk”. Juup: “Nee joh hier is pas echt het lachen”.

Het spookhuis is niet griezelig, wel een kermis van spiegels. Volgens onze kids is vooral de ‘Pirate waterfalls’ (boottocht langs allerlei lego piraten elementen) de bom. In het Pirate Lagoon kun je eindeloos spetteren en sproeien met water. Een heerlijke waterspeeltuin.
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Knights Kingdom

Direct naast de Piraterij ligt ‘Knights Kingdom’. Een middeleeuws dorp voor prinsen en prinsessen. Strijk neer bij de riddershow (viermaal daags). Doldwaze slapstick voor kids. Pip: ‘Oeioeioei er valt weer een ridder in het water.’ De achtbaan ‘De draak’ hebben wij geskipt. Onze meiden zijn helden op sokken. Overigens is deze achtbaan alleen toegankelijk voor kinderen met een minimale lengte van 1 meter.
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Adventure Land

Avonturenland is een concentratie van meeslepende achtbanen en attracties van Legoland. Zoals the Wild mouse, en de X-treme racers, Jungle racers. Ideaal voor papa’s en energieke kids. Lekker knallen? Ga naar de Temple. Maak een ritje door Egypte. Stap in een Explorer-SU en schiet met een laser gun op bewegende doelen. Liever iets rustiger aan doen? Er is ook een speelterrein met een Egyptisch thema. 

Polar Land

Even de kou opzoeken en een penguin ontmoeten? Duik de Noordpool in. In Polar Land staan de Noord en Zuidpool centraal. Spring in een ijsscooters, of laat je omscholen tot ijspiloot in de ‘Ice-polar school’. Thrill seekers kunnen non-stop over de kop en los in Polar -Xplorer. Houd er overigens rekening mee dat kinderen voor de meeste attracties langer dan 120 cm. moeten zijn.

StarWars Wing

For the real Lego freaks and Star Wars enthusiasts, a complete Star Wars department has been set up in the park. The showpiece of this department is the ‘X Wing Starfighter’. An impressive copy of the real deal. This ship is ‘larger than life’ and is made up of more than 12 million bricks. All Star Wars stars shine equally beautifully in the pavilion. So ‘join the force’ and fly on to Legoland.

Where is Legoland Denmark actually located?

Billund is a quiet village in the middle of Jutland in Denmark. The village itself is not that special. What is unique is that life in Billund revolves around Denmark’s most famous amusement park: Legoland. This amusement park is made with more than 50 million Lego bricks. There are more than 50 attractions. Legoland attracts more than half a million visitors every year. In short, Billund’s greatest asset is made of Lego bricks.


How do you get to Legoland? By car it is about a 6-7 hour drive to Billund. The fastest way to Legoland? Fly to Billund airport in 2 hours. In high season the park is often open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., during the rest of the year from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. The park is largely closed in March and November. Order tickets for Legoland in advance online and save time and money. In high season and on weekends the queues outside are long, but inside it’s a party!


Check online what the waiting times and busiest days are. Download the Legoland App incl. map. This way you get a good idea in advance of what there is to see and do. There is a huge parking lot. Walk from the parking lot to the entrance in 5 minutes. Order tickets in advance online. This is not only cheaper, but prevents unnecessary waiting at the checkout. ‘Name tags’ for children are available at the entrance, which is handy!

Want to spend a special night near Legoland?

Spend the night in Koldingsfjord

From the Netherlands we drive to Kolding in about 7 hours. Here we will spend the night in the impressive Koldingfjord resort. This enormous hotel is located right on the Kolding fjord and overlooks the beautiful lake. What was once a sanatorium for children is now an impressive hotel. Classic and stately on the outside, modern on the inside. This is our first encounter in Denmark with Danish design. With beautiful design classics from, among others, Finn Juhl.
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Royal dining

After a long day of travel, you can relax in the swimming pool and sauna of Koldingfjord resort. Or get on a ‘resort bike’. Drive around all the outbuildings and associated greenery. Pip and Juup play in the playground and kick a ball on the enormous lawn. When our stomachs growl we sit down in the restaurant. And it soon becomes clear: the food is also absolutely delicious.

Sleep like the princess and the pea

As Sleeping Beauty we sleep in a nice family room. After an abundant breakfast we leave the Danish palace Het Loo and drive 40 minutes towards Legoland. You can also stay closer to or even in Legoland. Because surrounding hotels are extremely busy and the price/quality is less, we prefer Koldingfjord. For the same money you are in a beautiful location in the green near Legoland.
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