Uniek! IKEA hotel en museum in Älmhult Zweden

Road trip through Sweden, holiday in Småland, southern Sweden or are you just passing through? Then the IKEA Hotel and IKEA Museum in Älmhult are just what you need. Reisachtig has already tried both for you. In this article I share my findings…

And no, you can leave the Allen key at home. Because the world’s one and only IKEA Hotel and Ikea museum is complete! Do it yourself is not necessary. The best thing about the IKEA hotel? The public areas feel like an Ikea showroom. Very nice: every hotel floor is equipped with a kitchen. Complete with plates and all. So you could easily prepare your dinner, lunch or breakfast here.

Although I only made a cup of tea. Why stay at the IKEA hotel? Spending the night in the IKEA hotel is not only a unique opportunity, but above all a fun gimmick in Småland. In addition, a stay is not expensive and certainly value for money.

Ikea hotel restaurant


IKEA HOTEL furnishings

The rooms of the IKEA Hotel are simply furnished with IKEA furniture in a neutral color scheme. Boring! A missed IKEA opportunity, because the brand is not doing well here. All rooms look the same, so there is little uniqueness. The bathroom also looks meaningless. So the interior of the room is a bit disappointing. Positive: the sleeping comfort of the mattresses is great. The public seating areas, on the other hand, are happily furnished. And they look as if they walked straight out of the IKEA showroom or website. The terrace is also a nice place to relax in the summer.Room IKEA Hotel

Eating in IKEA hotel

Of course there is also a restaurant. Contrary to what you might expect, no ‘ freezer to table meal’ is served here. The (vegan) Swedish (vegetarian) meatballs with vegetables, fries and lingonberry jam are not on the menu in this restaurant. The well-known (vegetable) meatballs or pancakes are served for breakfast.

What can you expect from the IKEA restaurant hotel? The menu features local dishes with fresh vegetables, cheese and fruit. Fish, meat and vegetarian options and, if desired, vegan or gluten-free options. Like: a vegan burger. The dessert with berries is also delicious and home made. In short: absolutely fine. The breakfast buffet with products from the Ikea kitchen is also better than expected. Convenient: The IKEA Hotell in Älmhult is located 500 meters from Älmhul Train and Bus Station. Parking is free as well as WIFI and is available in front of the door.IKEAnHOTEL Restaurant

IKEA Museum in Almhult

For some time now, the one and only IKEA Museum and IKEA hotel have been located on the site of the very first IKEA showroom. What is there to see and do? The three-story museum feels like a journey through the history of IKEA. This way you walk through the 1950s, through the 60s, 70s and up to the present. And it is precisely this history that makes you look at your IKEA furniture with a different look after a visit.

Who is the museum fun for? The IKEA museum is not only great for design enthusiasts or fans of the Swedish furniture giant. The IKEA museum and hotel is fun for the whole family. There is also plenty to do for children…although there is no Småland. Cute: Klippan bench in concrete as garden furniture. This one stands in front of the museum and fits like a glove.

The museum is not just a trip down IKEA memory lane. But reflects the Swedish (local) culture and lifestyle. Smålanders are known as a creative, thrifty people who need very little to make ‘something’ from nothing. This is woven into the culture and IKEA DNA.

The exhibition spaces are filled with classics such as Billy, Kallax cabinet, the Poäng armchair, by the Japanese designer Noboru Nakamura. Or how about the flat-packed and therefore easy to transport ÖVET side table? PLano is a typical IKEA design principle. Furniture in flat packs allows more products to be transported at the same time. This reduces transport costs and the impact on the environment.IKEA MUSEUM

The history of IKEA

IKEA was founded in 1943. But the department store of that time looked nothing like the blue and yellow bokkendoos of today. This is the story about the history of this furniture giant from A to Z. Once upon a time… there was an entrepreneur from Ålmhult Ingvar Kamprad. In 1943 he founded IKEA: specialized in the import and sale of pens, watches and tights.

Where does the name IKEA come from? This is a combination of the initials of the founder, Ingvar Kamprad, combined with the first letter of his ancestral home: Elmtaryd farm, and the nearby village of Agunnaryd. For a while the pen business ran smoothly. Due to problems with import licenses and a sharp decline in turnover, Ingvar had to close his trading company. But hey, the name IKEA has remained rock solid ever since…

How did IKEA come about?

Its habitat Småland was and is a series of forests. And with it an abundance of wood and carpenters and furniture makers. There is plenty of craftsmanship and materials in the region. No insight into distribution and cost control. The resourceful Ingvar soon found his way into this hole. The inhabitants of Småland were not always happy. The basic principle was that everyone had the right to a house in Folkhemmet in Swedish. Including interior must have been what Ingvar thought at the time.

What does the brand stand for?

Ingvar focused on manufacturing locally produced, stylish affordable furniture. To achieve this goal, Ingvar set up an efficient distribution system of modular furniture. To keep quality high and prices low, many products had to be assembled at home. This DIY idea makes products more affordable, due to reduced labor costs. A golden touch. In addition, he increasingly managed to reach the general public with, among other things, a catalogue.

The gap between customer and regular manufacturer continued to widen in the 1950s. The success of IKEA made the traditional furniture industry feel threatened. They pulled out all the stops to boycott IKEA. Ingvar decided to try his luck across the borders. He set up a new factory in Poland (and later other countries). He also opened a showroom in Almhult.

Scandinavian Designers provided a new furniture look. In all conceivable materials. By switching to suppliers abroad, Ikea was able to produce more for less. Resulting in? Affordable, functional and stylish furniture. Ready to order straight from a catalog or showroom. And the philosophy and working methods have remained unchanged since then.Ikea Museum Småland

Practical information IKEA Hotel andN Museum

What are the opening hours of the IKEA Museum in Almhult Småland? . The museum is usually open from Tuesday to Sunday. Exact opening hours may vary, so it is wise to check the official website for up-to-date information.

How much does the IKEA hotel cost? Prices depend on selected room and season, availability. Count on around 100 euros for a double room. There are also family rooms (connected rooms). Dogs allowed in IKEA HOTEL? Yes, four-legged friends are also welcome. Tip: Småland and the IKEA museum and hotel are also great during the spring holidays or autumn holidays with children.


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